Monday, April 11, 2011

Circles in the Sand

Crop circles. Intensely controversial, used for advertising, of debatable origin and meaning, a subject which occupies my brain occasionally.

It should come as no surprise when I say crop circles have always fascinated me. It seemed like there was a big boon in interest in them in the late 90's early 2000's, but for at least six or seven years now I have heard very little about them. When the public eye became less focused on them the circles seemed to pick up the pace and intensify in their design intricacy and imagery. I picked the subject back up about a year or two ago and found that the simpler circles and lines that I had known before had become amazing and highly involved images including birds, jellyfish, owls, and dragonflies.

When crop circles were much simpler the explanations were easy - they were manmade, diseased crops, even hedgehogs mating (that's not a joke) but now they have grown so complex that explanations are much harder to believe. The vast number of circles that show up every year include both manmade and questionable origins. There are times it is blatantly obvious when a circle is manmade, particularly when it is advertising a product or event. There is also the difference in the crop itself - it has been found that some circles are made by pressing down the crops (manmade) and some are made by a means that makes the plant "grow" in the new direction rather than just lay down. Supposedly there has also been some type of leftover energy at these sites but how provable that is, I don't know.

If you are interested in seeing recent crop circles (or all of them for the last many decades) check out - they have both photos and digital drawings of most if not all of the circles that have happened.

Like with most things, I think that we have no way of knowing the real answer, and that makes the questions the important piece here. Having an open ended puzzle like this gives us the opportunity to explore possibilities and imagine solutions in a limitless way. We can formulate and examine numerous theories and, essentially, be imaginative. The same way we can be about all of outer space... because we don't know what's out there.

In a way, the unknown breeds hope. We don't know what is out there or what may come, but we have the opportunity to believe that it will be beneficial and beautiful. We can consider the possibilities freely and in any light which we chose.

I myself have moved around through several theories regarding crop circles, and I don't view any as more or less likely than the others. They are just possibilities and I'm not trying to prove any of them right or wrong. They are floating out there, adding to the quality of our collective imaginations.

My theories include that the earth itself is sentient and this is it's language, that something underground was placed quite some time ago that has been causing these "signals" that are spelling something out which we do not understand, that somewhere far away is a race that has the ability to cause this to happen on earth and is trying to contact us (and will know we are able to comprehend their contact only when we figure the circles out and respond).

I may talk about each of these further in future posts, but this post is just about considering the possibilities - it's your turn.

What do you think they are?

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