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There are nine principles that are keys in the Journey, and I consider them to be the stepping stones upon which one walks.

Karma, Matter, Light, Knowledge, Love, Sphere, Silence, Curiosity, Freedom

- Karma -

I tend to think of Karma not as a law, or a rule, or a guideline for behavior, but rather as a metaphysical version of Newton's description of the equal and opposite reaction. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, whether positive or negative, physical, emotional, or spiritual. When you do anything, it is like firing a gun. There is a recoil of that outward force which comes back at you. If your action has a positive impact on the universe, the recoil to yourself is positive. If it has a negative impact on the universe, the recoil to yourself is negative. It is a simple matter of balance, which relates to the concept that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. The same is true of Karma. It flows from one place to another, from one person to another, and is one of the base structures of the network which connects each of us to everyone else.

- Matter -

This is an illusionary matrix woven of light energy, upon which points "spin" and form the building blocks of matter. Our physical senses interact with these spinning points, and our ethereal senses interact with the matrix and energy to which they align. It is this matrix which allows the four forces to exist, as the matrix IS the interlock between points of matter. (Protons, Electrons, Neutrons, Photons, and so forth) As matter groups together to form molecules, substances, organisms, planets, etc, the matter pulls on the grid. The more matter is pulled into a single spot, the more other matter on the grid will be "drug" towards that spot (gravity). Some matter (and electrical charging of that matter) causes a directional and specialized pull on the grid which only affects matter that has a directional reaction to that pull (magnetism). The grid itself accounts for the weak and strong nuclear forces, the stronger being stronger because of how the points pull on the grid.

- Light -

There is a living energy force in this universe, which is all things. This force caused the grid to form and points on the grid to begin to spin and form matter, by speaking (vibrating). Whether or not this force has a "personality" is impossible to say with any certainty, but it was the big bang and what was here before the big bang, and it is still mostly concentrated at the center of the universe. Because the grid is comprised of this force, so are we, so in such, we are God and God is within us.

- Knowledge -

There is no shortage of books about religion, spirituality, etc. Much of the same information can be had on the internet as well. Some days, you need read only one book to find the truth which you are seeking... the Bible. No matter which source your information comes from, remember that all literature is a work of man. Even the Bible, for though it is said to be the word of God, it has been written and re-written by man countless times. Do not take anything you read to be true, but allow yourself to consider the possibility that it is true and to consider the possibilities that arise from that notion.

- Love -

I have found on the Journey that my perspective on these three categories of relationships has changed dramatically. The Journey may dictate for you, as it does for me, that I look at relationships more fluidly. Every single one is temporary in one way or another. Whether by death or disenchantment, every relationship ends. If you begin a relationship knowing it is not permanent, you understand that you must cherish every moment of that relationship and never take it for granted. It will enable you to enjoy others more fully, and to be less posessive and demanding of them (if you are truely ready). You may even find yourself to have a polyamorous nature, loving everyone as equals and not limiting yourself to a single romantic relationship. You also may learn that the love you feel for anyone - friend, family, lover - is essentially the same. This is freeing in that you now know that every person you love is of equal importance, and that at any given time we all have numerous loves though usually only one is physical in nature. Cherish everyone you know while you have your time with them, and when that time has ended, allow them to pass without struggle. Love freely, love completely, love without regret or expectation.

- Sphere -

On the Journey, the way of life we know begins to change. Our interest in many things fades, we may find new interest and joy in other things. It could even go so far as to have a strong desire to cast of the yoke of society and return to a freer, more natural way of life. It is unfortunate that this may not be possible for most. In the meantime though, you can loosen the bonds and begin to find a more comfortable place to exist. You may desire (and it is reccomended) to return also to a more natural way of eating. Seasonal eating, raw eating, hunter-gatherer eating are all possibilities (and in the future I shall discuss a blend of these which I am currently developing for myself). These foods will not only fuel the body as it needs, but also the mind and soul.

- Silence -

Meditation in Buddhism is a fairly specific process. Meditation in practice, especially in the Western world, can be many things and still be beneficial. The primary focus is to clear the mind and have a sort of time out. You can do this in the bath, laying there feeling the water and thinking of nothing, watching rain, by staring into the flame of a candle or watching incense smoke, even watching a screen saver, fish swim, etc. I do reccommend that you also try traditional Eastern meditation as well - sitting on the floor (or a mat), using a mantra, touching thumb to middle finger to complete the energy paths, training yourself to think nothing whatsoever for as long as you are comfortable. The most important thing that any type of meditation does is connect the concious mind to the soul. This connection can benefit your Journey tremendously.

- Curiosity -

Let curiosity be your guide. If you see or hear something and want to know more about it then you definitely should research it. Jot it down so that you won't forget. Keep a notebook with you at all times (even a tiny one) so that you can make note of anything that strikes you. Leave no stone unturned, truth is everywhere and you will begin to make amazing connections between things you never would have dreamed could relate to each other.

- Release -

Forgiveness will set you free. The only thing that continuously ties us to the negative events of our lives is our inability to forgive others or ourselves for what has happened. Have you ever heard someone who was upset repeat the same thing over and over? This is what we do internally if we do not forgive. It traps us because we repeat only the same thing and are unable to see beyond it, but if we stop and let it go, our eyes open. If you truely understand Karma and our place in this world, you will understand that what happened to you was necessary, no matter who did it or why. Thusly we must forgive those people in our lives whom we draw to us to be the players in our own realities, for it is us who write their parts and they merely actors, helping us along our journey and us helping them along theirs. From every evil comes good, and from every good comes evil. When you refuse to forgive someone, you harm only yourself. When you forgive them, you set yourself free. The only way to be free to walk the path is to be forgiving.

The Journey is about letting go. Letting go of pain, of the physical, of material, of need and desire, of all the things which drags humanity down and keeps us bound to the physical plane. As you progress on your Journey, you will know it. You will see different things around you, the world will seem to change, but truely it is you who changes as your perception will no longer be the same.

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