Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Journey

What is the Journey?

A while ago a friend and I were discussing religion, philosophy, and similar lines of thought, and she asked me what I would call my religion, if I organized my thoughts into one.

I told her that it could not possibly be a religion as I am against religion. It would be only the seeking of the truth, and the best name for it would be "the journey" because it is a path of learning and discovery that never ends. You do not find the answers because while you are human, that is not possible. You do not reach an ending place or a comfortable place or "home" because while you are human, that is not possible. Anyone who feels that they have found their place has not, they have found a place where they decided to rest and chose not to develop further. Perhaps someday they shall do so, or perhaps they are waiting for their next incarnation. The journey extends beyond this life, beyond this planet, possibly beyond this universe. The only way to follow the journey is to continually remind oneself that you know nothing. You have learned things that may or may not be true, you may write them down. You know that everything is theory and nothing is fact. The sky is not blue, the sky is colorless. And yet, to non-human eyes those elements may have a color we cannot even imagine. So to say we know anything for certain is silly, because it's all about vantage point and during the course of The Journey, that vantage point shall change.

Do I want anyone to follow me on The Journey? No. If anything, I am a guide, but I am hesitant to even call myself that. I am merely sharing my thoughts and what I have found in my search. Does that mean everything written in this blog is correct? Of course not. I'm sure that somewhere in all my writings I have good theories and I may even have hit on some sparks of truth, but I will never claim that I am right or that I know anything to be true. It's all good ideas that I'm sharing, and seeing how they work out. Are there rules to the Journey? No. This is not a religion. It is a path, and the differences are too numerous to describe here, except to say that the Journey is fluid like water and Religion is concrete like stone. If you are in stone you cannot move. If you are in water, you are lifted and lightened and you can travel with the water but also through it.

The Journey:

Is personal.

Is enlightening.

Has no set path.

Doesn't follow any religion but acknowledges they all contain some truth.

Can be physical, emotional, and/or spiritual at any given time.

Flourishes in an open mind.

Is an unending list of questions.

Shall only appear to those who are ready.

Has no rules.

Can bring you closer to and farther from people around you.

Can change everything you know to be true.

Will change your life.

May cause you to cast off material posessions and try to live only in the spirit.

Finds value in the Bible, Quran, Vedas, and any other text in existence.

Has ideas rather than beliefs.

Is fluid and changes frequently.

Will show you things you never thought were possible.

Will develop your intuition and other intangible feelings.

Is up to you.

I shall be writing numerous posts on the subject of the Journey, including discussion of how to begin and speaking about my personal journey thus far. If you are ready for this path, it will open up to you. You may already be on it but call it something else. Please understand that a million roads can lead to the same point, there is no one right way, no one teacher.

My writing is only a guide, as when you are on this path you will find that you guide yourself to your best conclusions far better than anyone else could. Best of luck, and I hope that my words are beneficial to you in some way.

Also, I will gladly assist you and answer questions if I am able, you may ask in comments or send me a direct message. With your permission I will post questions & answers to this site.


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