Sunday, August 1, 2010

Battle of Wits

Anti-religion video

So many misconceptions, so little time. Truth be told, this video does bring up some valid questionable statements made by religions. As I myself am against religion, I can concur with and understand what they are saying. However, the ridiculousness of religion is not necessarily a good reason to doubt the existance of God alltogether.

It never ceases to amaze me that groups that are against one religion or another will resort to propaganda which resembles that of the religion in order to try and convert people. Consider that both Pagans and Atheists are somewhat against Christianity and much of the reasoning behind that is because of the propaganda and conversion, and yet they have employed the same tactics. I realize this is not across the board, but I've known many atheists and pagans who will do anything they can to make people doubt what they believe.

How is it any different?

This video is quite well put together. It took some time and possibly even some money. Why would atheists, who are "free" from religion, care that other people believe something?

Shouldn't they be satisfied that they know the "truth" and let the rest of them sort it out for themselves? After all, if atheists believe that there is no God and there is nothing waiting for us, then what could be gained by converting others? One of the few possibilities is self-assurance that they are right and they don't have to worry about themselves in the afterlife.

Any group/religion that feels the need to go out and mock or throw down another's religious beliefs has, to some degree, a need to justify their own. That means that atheists who create videos like this aren't 100% sure of themselves. But the more atheists there are, the more likely they are right.... right?

Anyway, points about the video:

1. Reference to the Bible makes note that it is written in a language we do not understand. Considering as how it was written nearly 2,000 years ago, this is not surprising. The simple fact of it being in another language does not negate it. How many different languages are actively spoken on the planet today? Do you know how to read/speak them all?

2. "You will teach your child, and they will teach their child, etc" Does anyone remember how some atheists were filing motions to have prayer removed from schools because they couldn't bear for their children to be exposed to the concept of God? Sounds like passing down your beliefs to your child, doesn't it?

3. Hell/Heaven - I concur with the video. The accepted concepts of heaven and hell have nothing to do with the reality, and were created over time by various authors and came to be considered fact despite their fictional origins. Science is closer to the truth than popular belief in this case - alternate dimensions/universes would seem to agree with both the idea of several layers of heaven/hell and with the Buddhist concept of the wheel of Karma. Sorry Dante.

4. Spreading the word around the world - treats religion as nearly an infection. Again, I agree. Religion is a trap and a prison that prevents people from seeing the truth because it has hard and fast rules that lock the mind into a routine and causes it to irrationally fear that which is different. Atheists is not as different as they would like to believe - this video could be seen as attempting to "spread the word".

5. I was raised Christian and was not told I had to appologize to God for the crucifixion of Jesus - only that it happened to wash away my sins and that I should be grateful. (I can't speak for other branches of religions that believe in Jesus to one degree or another)

6. Mention of tithing - It is commonly accepted that the tithe should be given to the church, (especially in Catholicism) but that is not necessarily true. Many give the money to charity. According to the Bible, Jesus could come to you as any person at any time. By giving to charity, perhaps you are giving your offering directly to God?

7. "continue to say the words out loud" God is not a guy with a white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds. I don't know atheism inside and out, but every time I hear someone talk about it, this seems to be the idea they ridicule. What if the real "supreme being" is the energy that makes up the universe, makes up all of us, and makes our lives possible and our souls exist? A sentient energy that binds us all together and makes us what we are, but does not necessarily play an active role in our lives. (except for things like the law of Karma) Is THAT so hard to believe? Maybe, only because we've all been told something different our whole lives.

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