Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seperation is an Illusion

We walk around through our daily lives, meeting other people and moving from place to place. We watch the clock and imagine that we are passing through time at a steady pace. Our opinions, thoughts, desires, and actions all are consistant with the idea that we are all seperate beings in seperate spaces doing different things and feeling different ways.

This, every bit of it, is Maya. It is an illusion.

Reality as we know it is a pattern of light and vibration, woven together to create the network that is the physical world. This network gives us a form and method of action that we would not otherwise have. It gives us a space to move around in, a reality to interact with on a whole new level. The key to this reality is that we believe it is real, beyond a shadow of a doubt. We believe it so firmly that some of us believe it is the ONLY thing that is real. It's a very skillfully crafted and effective illusion.

While we are here, information is fed to us via our senses. In the physical realm we have five of them, and any other type of "sense" is attributed to being a sixth. These senses interperet the vibrations of the physical realm and feed us information about where we are and what we are experiencing. Interestingly enough, these senses feel so REAL to us that any other sense is given a backseat, is untrained and thusly is very falliable. Even in those who are more attuned to them, these senses are still a ghost whisper in our minds that may or may not be accurately interpereted. The reason for this is that we have developed a focus on the physical (as was intended) and in doing so we never developed our ability to focus on the ethereal senses that we all have. We all tap into them on some level, though it varies from person to person. Anyone who follows a hunch, knows what others are thinking or feeling, or has intuition is tapping into this. If you have dreams that seem to come true, you are tapping into it. But, I am digressing into another subject. I have quite the penchant for tangents!

So, the physical world provides us with a starting point. It would be impossible to know pain or love without the experience provided to us here. This place takes energy beings and teaches them things about each other and themselves that they could not otherwise have learned. Because we are so entrenched here, it makes this the most difficult type of learning. It is to such a point that sometimes our experience is so overwhelming that we self terminate out of the program.

Beyond the veil, beyond the physical, we are not seperate. We are all part of a single living entity glowing in the darkness that is the void. That entity is probably most accurately called God. When we think of what God is/ should be, we think of a being who is all knowing, all seeing, and is everywhere at once. A being which is the very foundation of existance is the only possible true God. The supreme being is what we all combine to become, along with all of the light, energy, and matter in the universe. In otherwords, the collectiveness of all of us is a singularity.

You know, like the one the big bang sprang forth from? That one. The big bang is all part of the illusion. We are all still in that singularity, imagining we are seperate and taking up tons and tons of space. That the universe is vast and wide spread. We think, therefore we are what we THINK we are.

So there we are in this tiny singularity. Scientists looking at black holes (also singularities) can't tell what is inside. They can "sort of" trace what has moved into it, based on an impression left on the event horizon, but they cannot actually see what is all in there. The reason for this is that black holes have such tremendous gravity that not even light can escape from them. Inside each black hole could be another entire universe, and we'd never be able to tell!

Within our seemingly large but actually pretty small space, (potentially even as small as a single point of light) we exist. We exist without time or space, however we imagine the illusion of both. This is another seperation that is part of the illusion - that any moment other than THIS is real. We think that there is a yesterday and a tomorrow, when in fact there is no such thing. We think that we move through time, when in fact time moves through us - in our minds.

Some may question how it is possible for an entire universe to experience time together, to interact together, to collectively think this is all more real than actual reality. It makes sense if we are a collective being. We are all one, so we all act as one even though the illusion is that we are seperate. This is the collective unconcious - the part of us that knows we are all one but is essentially "not allowed" to be awake or active within our minds. We tap into it and that is where the "sixth sense" (which is the only true sense) comes from.

When mankind finally begins to accept the reality - that seperation is an illusion and what we are in now is essentially a playground for our collective mind, we will cease to have crime and harm against other humans, we will feel connected to all life and know that even that which is not alive by scientific standards is in fact alive. We will know we are as much a part of that piece of paper as it is a part of us. We will know there is no use in keeping anything for ourselves, because our brother is just as much us as we are. At that time, man may finally be able to evolve. We can be beings that combine the physical and the ethereal. Much of the universe is already this way, but we cannot see it that way because we are so mired in the physical. Scientists discover things that make absolutely no sense, and they try to explain it with rigid, small descriptions that are completely inadequate, call them working theories and then base other theories off of them.

"if what Dr. Johnson says is true is in fact true, then I say that it impacts object B in such a manner that my theory A is true."

Pull the string and it all unravels. (seriously. Much of modern science is based on Einsteins theories, some of which he himself stated were "probably incorrect")

Scientists are recently discovering that our DNA itself appears to be as much a waveform of light energy as it is an actual physical "thing". It can be changed and altered by light, radiation, magnetism and the like.

The more science advances, the more they confirm the true nature of our universe. The more science discovers, the more I find their "amazing new discoveries" are things the ancients wrote thousands upon thousands of years ago. We dismiss the ancient stories as myth and carve our own path, ultimately circling back to the same thing. Granted, what was written in ancient times was spelled out in a manner that lends itself to this being myth. There is much personification and reuse/misuse of terminology, and people thought in different ways back then than we do now. Were we to meet them face to face, they may-as-well be aliens for what little we have in common.

Then again, we are no more seperate from them than I am from you.

Everything we know is an illusion, and the only place to find the real truth is within us. Deep down every one of us knows, but we are blinded to that truth unless we start chipping away at those things we have always accepted as fact.

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