Monday, January 9, 2012

We Don't Speak Of It

Yet we all feel it...

The deep and intense knowledge that there has to be more to life, more to us, more to everything! Every one of us feels that lack, the emptiness, the gap, the hole in the core of our being. Something is missing and we try to fill it with human desires.

We seek to fill this gap in all manner of vices, in other people, in religion, even in throwing away everything we've been to become something else. Yet we still flounder about, not understanding why nothing we try works.

Every so often, something takes us there, allows us to feel a split second of completion within ourselves. It takes our breath away, leaves us speechless and gasping, can even make tears flow from our eyes. It's there, within our grasp, it's magnificent... and then it's gone. We're left feeling cold and alone again, with only the memory of that... whatever it is... taunting us.

We grasp, we struggle, we chase, we fight, we seek, we steal, we do anything we can to get it back, without even realizing what we are looking for. You see, when that moment hits us, we know something significant has happened but we don't know what has happened. We think that if we repeat our actions, we'll have that experience again, but we don't. We try something new but similar. We try something totally different. We know this "thing" is out there, and we've no idea how to find it again. We fall into discord.

Eventually, after time and possibly even lifetimes, we have an understanding. As long as we are physically moving and chasing, the connection cannot happen again. Only in a moment of stillness could we find it. Then, we let go. We allow the universe to bring to us what we need, when we need it. We stop fighting, we stop chasing, we stop grasping at things. They float into our lives and out of our lives, we accept their presence or lack thereof, and we begin to find an inner stillness that is beyond any stillness we've ever known. The stillness overtakes us, bringing us serenity and peace and finally, bringing us to that place we fought so long and hard to find. Our soul, our connection to the infinite, our silent and unmoving center. The portal within begins to open, more often and for longer than ever in the past.

Eventually, we'll exist in peace at all times, connected to our soul and all knowledge of the universe can flow through us when tapped. Only then will we begin to merge our body, mind and soul into one un-separated being, and soon after we'll leave the physical plane for good.

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