Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Story

Once there was a great civilization possessed of intelligence and compassion, they surpassed all others in their accomplishments and harmony with one another. The inhabited a huge city, marvellous in its architecture and powered by nothing more than natural elements, unaltered and interlocked in perfect order. The people of the city had evolved to a state where they communed with the great consciousness of them all, the sleeping god, the universe itself. All necessary knowledge about existence, time and space could be received upon asking questions of the universe, listening and trusting the answers which came forth. They had learned to exist peacefully with all of life, learning and loving all that was. Their wisdom enabled them to be guardians of the Earth, watching over all of the other creatures and bettering conditions around the planet.

The time came when other beings on the planet, who were not as evolved, looked up to the civilization not with awe but with jealousy. Why should they have the control over all that knowledge and technology, while everyone else could only accept what they were given? The other beings became angry, and began to rise against the great civilization with their primitive yet violently powerful technologies. What they lacked in finesse they made up for in brute force, creating weapons which could cause great destruction and would leave their mark upon the Earth for thousands of years to come. The great civilization knew that they could not hand over their technology, for the unevolved would eventually use it for great evil, but they also knew they could only protect it for so long before they were destroyed.

A council met and a decision was made. The great civilization would take the most powerful and basic notions of their knowledge and impress it upon the world, so that it could live on to serve the world again some day, once another civilization rose to understand the true meaning. Great pains were taken and much time was spent to design the perfect way for the symbols to survive over millenia, despite war or famine, conquest or strife. A selection of those less evolved were brought in and subtle changes were placed into their mind. Each of the group received the same messages, male and female, so that they could pass them on through generations. Eventually, these messages would exist throughout their entire race, helping them to strive forward towards evolution and peace. The basic symbols: A spiral, a circle, a cross, a star, geometric shapes, impressions of creatures and their meanings, and finally an instinct that there is always more to learn was placed within the people's minds. The message wouldn't be obvious to its carrier, but as the messages disseminated, the people would eventually find them unignorable, drawing them on walls of caves and seeking to define their shapes. Eventually, the people would discover things within those symbols that would begin to unlock the keys of true knowledge.

Once the task had been completed, the people were sent back to their homes far from the great civilization, back to safety. The great civilization, knowing that destruction was imminent, began to dismantle every bit of their technology and destroy every fragment of their knowledge. The great city became a hollow shell, filled with ethereal beings drifting about, awaiting their demise. They knew so much that they had no fear of destruction... only the hope that one day all beings would evolve beyond the need for struggle, jealousy and war. They knew that a great civilization would rise again, like a phoenix rising from the burning ashes of its former self. Mankind would someday grow beyond their feeble minds into beings of great strength and great serenity.

With the sound of metal shells piercing the air, the end finally came. The flames and smoke rose from the great city as all within it disintegrated. The humans overtook the city once the smoke had cleared, scavenging for anything they could find and use to their benefit... but they found nothing. Hollow buildings with ashen bodies. They left empty handed.

The destruction of the city set a plague upon the Earth. The weapons the humans had used were poisonous to life itself, and in its defence the Earth turned in upon itself. The plates shook, the volcanoes erupted, the oceans boiled into steam and rained down again. The planet cleansed itself of the poison, of the people, of the shame brought upon it. Few survived, the lucky few selected to be born with messages had been given a gift, an instinct of how to survive the coming destruction. They had fled to the farthest corners, hiding in places the destruction would be the mildest. They survived, their message survived.

Having nothing, the humans had to start over. As they relearned their basics of survival, the message began to throb within their minds. Out it came, painted on cave walls, carved into objects, sung into songs. The pressure of the creative spirit within them overcame and found its way into the world. As civilizations began to develop once again, the message continued, singing louder, pouring out with more descriptive images and more complete songs. In time, the message would change the world, when humans finally began to really listen.

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