Thursday, August 27, 2009

Religious Branches on the Tree of Spirituality

For millenia, man has struggled with the concept of God.

We have believed or not believed, we have assigned God a sexual polarity, we have addressed God as many gods, we have carried out wars in the name of a God whose face we do not understand. Mankind seems to have no idea who/what/where God really is.

In our struggle to understand this immense and mind boggling concept, we created religions. Ridgid, structured methods to worship a being in manners that make sense to us in some way. The problem with religion is that it limits God. It creates a narrow minded view of just a fragment of the grandure of the whole entity. To immerse yourself in a religion is to become a horse with blinders. You can only see the path that others set before you, and there is so much beauty around you that you will never see. Religion is a prison for the spirit, albiet one which many people really do need.

Many people have not yet attained the inner strength and vision to proceed along a path of spirituality without the guides, restrictions and laws of religion. They do not have a finely tuned moral compass that will keep them straight and steady, keep them from causing undue harm to the world around them. The sad part is most people who follow a religion still do harm to the world around them, imagine how much harm they could cause if they didn't have the religious laws that they "should" be following?

I am going off on a tangent again. The point is that religion is necessary for most people at this time. A day is coming when it will no longer be necessary, as most of mankind will simply know the truth and will no longer need to seek it in false prophets and priest's robes. Then all of us shall be priests and priestesses, we shall follow the one true path, the spiral ladder to heaven.

Until that time, there will be a division. A division of man and of religion. Those who are ready to see the spiral ladder for what it is will climb it, and as they do, they will be more and more able to see the blinders on the people around them. It is a disturbing sight, to see the people around you, who you love, mindlessly roaming through life without purpose or direction or knowledge of the beautiful beings they really are.

So long as man wears the blinders, he will not be able to recognize the truth of religion. There is a singular truth of this Earth, the Universe, and God. This truth was fractured, and artificially made separate. These fractured pieces were handed out to the many religions of the Earth, so that each would have a small piece of truth. To the trained eye this small piece of truth glows brilliantly within the boundaries of the religion, and one who seeks truth will explore that religion until that piece of truth is found and resonates within them. They will then look to another religion, see the glowing piece of truth within it and seek it out. Through this, the seeker will recognize that they are not OF the religion, merely a student of the truth that it contains.

As the seeker retrieves more and more pieces of the truth, they begin to realize that the truth was never fractured at all. Each piece is still attached to all of the others, they are still intertwined in mystical ways. The Kam-Pa which flows through all things is the link, the thin gossamer thread, the net which holds this universe together. It is the pathway upon which truth flows, upon which light flows, and upon which vibrations flow. You can walk the path of Kam-Pa. You can follow where it leads. When you do, you will find more things are connected than you realized before. You begin to see the connection, the similarities, the imagery that humans have been envisioning for thousands of years. We see it all, in our minds eye, every day. The clues are there we need only unravel them. To do so brings enlightenment. When all of the pieces of truth are uncovered, one learns that they were within all along, and seeing them in other places was only because the seeker was looking into a mirror that showed them a piece of their own true nature.

There is only one. There was only ever one. All is one, this is truth. As you journey along the path, you will realize and understand more and more that while the universe has many forms, all forms are complex weavings of the same base energy. This base energy is the one pure truth of the universe. It is waiting for you to uncover it, as soon as you are ready.

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