Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Eve Pandora Connection

We all know the story of Adam and Eve, but do you know its true meaning?

All creatures other than man are still living in Eden, as far as they know. The beings of the Earth live in the moment, the past and the future do not exist for them. They are not even aware of themselves. As Cipher states in The Matrix, "Ignorance is bliss."

So, what really happened in Eden?

Adam and Eve (early/first man) were more intelligent than all of the other beasts of the earth. They walked upright (mostly), had opposable thumbs, and could create and use tools. They had the cleverness to rule over the other creatures, but they lacked something that modern man has. Self realization.

The Fruit of the tree of knowledge (as referred to in the Bible) is the same as the "box" given to Pandora. The serpent is the same as Pandora's curiosity. More so, the serpent represents our DNA, and the spiral ladder of the Chakras.

As Eve sat in the garden, her DNA was activated by a sense of "something". She began to awaken to reality. To the existance of "self". The same thing occured for Pandora. She was "made" and set on Earth, bearing a box containing all human woes.

All the woes mankind experiences are a direct result of being self aware. The box within Pandora was her 4th Chakra (ROOT). The first three were open, the ones that allowed her body to bear life. These three connected early man to the earth in a very base and primal way. They are the primal chakra's, based in instinct and blood and deeply rooted to the Earth. What these chakras do not do is allow the mind to be lit by knowledge. They artifically cloud the mind, causing man to be unable to see even a glimmer of the truth.

Suddenly, Pandora/Eve saw a mysterious glimmer inside her mind. A tiny spark lit, and its glow fell upon the knowledge of self. She learned what the word "I" meant. It's as if a person living in two dimensions suddenly realized they could also look upwards.

The initial result of realization of self is one of absolute joy. A discovery such as this must be shared, and so Eve went to Adam. She showed him what she had learned, and told him he too was a person with thoughts and feelings and intelligence. The glimmer lit Adam's eyes as well and the pair rejoiced.

Then, everything began to fall apart. Pandora/Eve had opened the door to let in not only the joy of self, but also the knowledge of sin.

When an animal takes something for himself, he does not feel guilt or know that it could harm another being. He does so purely out of instinct, the inner pull to fend for himself. Make him self aware, and you introduce knowledge of greed and charity, and then he is making a choice between himself and others. It all comes down to choice. It is the reason we are here and it is what makes us human. Because we are aware that we have a choice, we are exposed to a complex network of emotion and decision. It is from this we derive all of our humanly woes.

To further correlate the two stories, the chakra-box that pandora opened is part of Jacob's ladder, or the double helix spiral path to heaven. This path has been seen in visions by mankind for aeons, depicted as single or twin serpents and references to six around one. Eve was tempted by the "serpent" of the spiral ladder within her. Tempted to climb. Pandora opened a box, releasing her ability to climb the spiral ladder within her. Pandora is just another way of describing how the first woman realized her self, and showed the first man the awesome beauty and crushing reality of the spiral path to heaven.

Thus began our evolution from near animals to our eventual place as pure spirits upon the earth. As we walk the spiral ladder, our bodies evolve to accomodate our soul's growth. This is why and how man has evolved.

Prehistoric man, those who came before and after him all have seen the spark of a new chakra opening. Each step on the evolutionary ladder is a physical manifestation of a step on the spiral chakra ladder. We now stand tall, with seven to nine chakras open (depending on the person.) As we step up the ladder, we close (or weaken) the chakras that are more base, more instinctual. We open chakras which are more ethereal and less "of the Earth". At this time in our evolution, those initial three chakra's that Adam and Eve started with are dim, barely visible lights below our root chakra. They are almost unreadable, and give us just the slightest connection to the deepest parts of the physical realm.

Return to Eden: As we walk the spiral path, we embrace that which we lost and appreciate in a way we could not when our eyes were closed. Adam and Eve only knew they had plenty and were provided for, but they could not appreciate the bounty fully. As we advance, we realize the power and beauty of the gifts given to us more fully. Today we take everything for granted. We believe that the water, plants, sun, and moon were put here for our amusement but we never stop to be thankful for them. We spend our lives in futility, trying to amasse false wealth, when all of the riches we need are within and upon the Earth. In our attempts to grasp at joy and happiness, we lose the ability to be happy. Nothing we can make, take, or find can make us happy. Happiness comes from within, when you step up the spiral ladder and realize that the only thing that keeps you from hapiness and the kingdom is YOU.

Adam and Eve were not born with the choice we have today. It is something they learned and evolved. Man is still evolving, still growing. Some day, we will be worthy of returning to Eden and on that day, the doors will open and we shall be welcomed back home.

Only then can we truely appreciate the glory which is our creator and all of creation.

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