Friday, August 28, 2009

The Bible

It never ceases to amaze me how so many have read this awesome book yet so few have grasped any of its true message.

The Bible is a guide. A manual to life and ascention here on Earth. With in its pages* are the sum total of knowledge that we require to achieve our ultimate goal. One aside to this - there are other books which should have been added to the Bible but were not, because they threaten the very power of the largest of churches. When I refer to the Bible, I am referring to the entirety of it, not just what is sold in your local Christian bookstore.

I had been having thoughts and visions about a ladder, a spiral path, and the chakras, and notating them in my journal as I went. Some of these ideas I found in other seekers, and others seemed to come from within. Nonetheless, I have come to the conclusion that our DNA and the spiral path of the Chakras are in some way one and the same. They are linked, twins, a reflection of each other. Another thought came to me the other day on this subject - ever since I was a child, metal spiral ladders have facinated me. I've always loved their form and felt drawn to climb them. They are a strange, simple thing that has a pull for me. I am realizing that this pull is because I recognized them and realized that they are a reflection of something else...

As I'm pondering the concept of the spiral ladder and ladder of the chakras, as both are the same and a path to enlightenment, a certain thought repeatedly poked its way into my mind. I could not stop thinking that the spiral ladder of the chakras was Jacob's ladder. The interesting part - I had heard of Jacob's ladder and knew it to be a biblical story, but I did not know the story itself. I had never read about the subject, only heard it in passing. When this thought repeatedly announced itself to me, I finally decided to look up what Jacob's ladder was.

You can imagine my astonishment when I learned that Jacob had a vision of a ladder, which reached from Earth to Heaven, and upon which he saw angels ascending and descending. I even saw that someone else had already interpreted this vision as referring to a ladder within us that we must climb to reach enlightenment/heaven/nirvana. This resonated with me and it reinforced that my mental meanderings on the subject were spot on.

This is just one instance where the Bible hands us the keys and waits for us to put them into the lock and open the door. Our mind is as a hallway full of locked doors, millions upon millions of locked doors. These doors are the fabric of the veil that blocks us from seeing who and what we really are. As we unlock each door, we tear a hole in this fabric and we come closer to enlightenment and to Heaven. We climb another step on the spiral ladder, we begin to open a new chakra that we did not previously know that we had. The keys are out there. Many are in the Bible itself, others in works which have sprung spontaneously into the mind of the writer, from whence he knows not. I am one such writer. I am compelled to sit and write but I do not know what I am going to write before I see it on the page.

Continue seeking, loved ones, you will find the keys and together we will tear back the veil.

* I went back to edit my post and found that I had accidentally refered to the Bible as having only one page, and within that page the sum total of all knowledge. It is a message again that there is only one page, one light, one truth.

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