Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Super-Super-Super String Theory

Many years ago I had first discovered a site about NDE's and was reading through them when I came across the experience of Lynnclaire Dennis. I was facinated by her journey and more so by the image she encountered which she called The Pattern. At the time I didn't have a specific interest in physics but I felt, as she did, that The Pattern described a fundamental structure of existance.

Fast forward to a few years later and I thought of it again, and began to form an idea of how the pattern fit into the puzzle when I happened upon the idea of String Theory. My immediate reaction was that the Pattern is the String. The visual image of the pattern makes sense to what the Strings are theorized to be (you can find images of the pattern here among other things).

The reason that this is coming up today relates to my last post about the scale of repeated images/movement in the universe, and because I stumbled upon this: Looking beyond the big bang ?

I've been thinking that time is cyclical, and that the big bang wasn't actually the start of anything but a point in a cycle. The universe continuously contracts and expands, time and space themselves continually contract and expand. I think that the pattern/string is not just at the heart of matter but is the structure of existance on a large scale as well.

Try to think in two dimensions: you see a line (which is two dimensional, length and height), and within that line are single points (which are one dimensional, height only, they must be added together to create length)***. Each of those single points is a place in time and the line itself is the movement of time. Those single points are a snapshot, and each snapshot has three dimensions and the whole of our universe within.

So we have our three dimensional universe, which moves through time as a series of snapshots. Think about a high speed camera, snapping multiple frames per second. Each of those frames represents a singluar moment in time but captures all three dimensions. Those frames stack upon one another to form the line, and the line itself loops.

We have the image of a static loop. It is a circle (which ironically is one of the most basic images relating to life and existance). In order for time to continue, the circle has to move in some way but it also stays in place... it oscillates.

Let's look to another mental image: a hula hoop. Imagine that inside the hula hoop is a ball bearing, and as the hula hoop swings about the hips, this ball bearing is caused to move in a smooth flow around and around the hoop. If the hoop stops, the bearing will stop as well. Now imagine that bearing is the three-dimensional snapshot of our universe, and as it moves through the hoop it is moving through time. Each time it circles around is a single oscillation of the pattern. As the pattern moves, the bearing moves, and without the movement of the pattern the bearing will stop.

Visualize the shape of the pattern as a streak of light in a void: oscillating as a gleaming point of light moves about it's shape, following the contours of the line. As the pattern expands and contracts, the point moves through age after age after age, growing and shrinking with the pattern. At it's smallest is the moment of the big bang, and at it's most expanded the universe is also at it's greatest point of expansion. This would appear very quick from such a far back viewpoint, but as you move in closer and closer, close enough that you're inside the universe and can see the stars and planets, the movemement that took seconds now takes billions upon billions upon billions of years. The further you go into the great scale of the universe, the slower time appears to move until you reach our solar system, our planet, our lives, and things move at the pace we've become accustomed to.

What will they find once this underground telescope is built and they try to peer beyond the big bang to see what, if anything, happened before it? I suspect that prior to the expansion there was an equal contraction of a prior universe... following the equal and opposite reaction law of physics into a scale so far beyond our everyday comprehension that it's more than mind boggling, it's astronomical.

Pun intended.

*** If you have the time and would like to better understand the concepts I'm talking about with lines and points on those lines, refer to this story: Flatland It is lengthy but very much worth the read, as it explores the concepts of the dimensions as I've not heard before.

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