Monday, June 6, 2011

How much farther are we going to go?

I was reading about a study done on the effect of active cell phones on bees. The results are neither shocking nor promising. It was found that cell phones that are actively making or receiving calls when placed near bees cause the bees to become confused and essentially, alarm the hive.

There were comments about it saying that the study didn't directly link the cell phones to bee deaths so of course it is junk science and inconclusive. What is not being taken into consideration is the actual reported problem from beekeepers:

Colony Collapse Syndrome is marked by a colony disappearing - there are no live, sick or DEAD bees present - they are simply gone. The preliminary tests done with cell phones caused the bees to become disoriented, fly erratically, and raise an alarm that would lead the bees to abandon the hive. That sounds exactly like what would cause CCS.

Either way, nearly every cause that could be potentially killing bees is manmade. Most of the species on the planet who are extinct or endangered were killed off by man. We're killing ourselves, killing the planet, thank goodness we can't travel significant amounts in space, who knows what we'd destroy out there.

We have only two options.

Either we stop what we are doing and let go of our destructive technologies (re: all of them) or we continue and will be destroyed by them. We had the chance, at first, to use these things in MODERATION. Use electricity only when absolutely necessary, use cell phones only in urgent matters or emergencies, use cars only when our legs or horses wouldn't do. But in typical human fashion we took all we could get and we wanted MORE. We even warned ourselves with books and movies about what could potentially happen because of this.

Nonetheless, we waste and destroy and wasted and destroy and do very little to rebuild. If you believe that anything on this planet matters at all - including yourself, your children, your families, then you need to stop and consider every single miniscule action, every single thing that you take for granted.

We all need to stop what we are doing before it's too late. Maybe it already is. I don't know.

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