Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You think that you are free, but you are a slave.

Your actions are dictated by the world around you, by what other's expect of you, by the things you think you want only because that's what you are told to want.

Stop a moment... and relax. Think about what you would most like to have with you on a deserted island where there were no other people around. I would want something that would allow me to paint or listen to music. What you want will be different.

In most cases, that one thing that you really want is not what you pursue on a daily basis. Instead you buy clothing, food, plastic things, magazines, shoes, kitchen gadgets, cell phones, etcetera. If you cut out all of the things you spend money on that are NOT the thing you most want (plus food/water/shelter), would you need to work as many hours as you do or stress out as much as you do?

But you won't stop because you have friends that have expectations of you, a boss who has expectations of you and a family who has expectations of you. Even that person down the street who you might walk past - they may have expectations of you that you feel the need to uphold.

So you continue on your path of voluntary slavery, letting the one thing that brings you joy slip away while you work away your life energy to the benefit of someone else.

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