Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's hypothesize today that in a way, reality is like the Matrix.

If all people are really just souls, who normaly can move freely about the universe and possibly even other dimensions, those souls would need a way to interact with the world we live in.

So lets say that this world doesn't really exist, it's just a program. The souls that populate it do not have bodies, they are essentially just energy and thought. The reality of the physical world is able to generate situations and sensations that aren't possible anywhere else, including pain unlike that felt anywhere else. It is made of a complex program that makes reality seem real to the user by limiting how much of their being is "concious" to this physical world program. The rest of their "mind" is veiled or blocked from interacting with the program directly, but during times of sleep it can explore the memories of what happened that day, maybe even throw a little input into the mix.

I picture this bubble enclosing part of the soul where it connects to the hub of the program. Like in a dream, once the soul is connected to the program, time seems to slow (or time becomes a sensation that is part of their physical life). What takes years in the program passes in an instant outside of it. Even if the soul had a finite lifespan, as compared to the physical world it can inhabit, it would seem eternal.

While connected the soul is incredibly limited in it's experiences. Think early video games - rough graphics, limited color palettes, bleeping sounds, sometimes difficult to grasp controls. That is what the physical world inside the program feels like to an energy being - it is drab and strange by comparison, and though the cognition may be there to a degree it must adapt and learn to interact with this reality that is so limited.

Within the confines of this hypothesis, reality as we know it would exist only in the mind of it's users. There wouldn't really be an Earth, or possibly even universe, the very building blocks that make up our world could be nothing more than pixels to these energy beings who become us. Space and time not being real, created only by the parameters of the program, would mean that all the time we would be still and unmoving, the whole of our lives stretching out over a mere moment.

Looking at life this way - what we are as beings resembles ourselves here in no way, the existance in which we actually live bears no confines nor tragedy as we know it.

If we consider this as a truth of existance, can anything that happens in this universe matter so much as it does?

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