Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On History and Religion, part three

Now that I have discussed both the need to reconsider what we accept as historical fact and potential sources for true history, I'd like to discuss what those potential sources are telling us about our history.

In many religious mythologies there is a group of "gods" who usually have some leadership, live in mountains, and provide guidance and knowledge to mankind. They usually impart rules and punishments, request some type of offering and worship, and each seems to have their own personality within the group. They are usually associated with different aspects of society, as if each has their own occupation and is teaching man about their area of expertise. They also often are described as being angels or some other type of significant being besides a god and begetting human hybrid children that are stronger and larger. Then, they decide that this act has caused problems with humanity and they single out one or more "pure" human DNA carriers to build & survive in a unimaginably large vessel while the earth is flooded to remove the mutated/contaminated beings.

After the flood they take many steps back from humanity, having a hand in our development but doing so more in representation rather than actually being amongst us. Much time passes and then they vacate altogether - promising (or threatening) to return once a large span of time has passed.

Many of these dieties have specific symbols, tools and weapons. A few main highlights: staffs such as the Ujet, Brahma's staff, the staff of Hermes, and Zeus' lightning bolt, then there are the other tools such as the Ankh, the cadaceus, swords, cups, etc. Each has their own personality within the group, some often being much friendlier towards humans than others (and in the case of Zeus, a bit too friendly...)

The civilizations who were touched most directly by these beings often have monumental structures which are -at the least- a surprise they were able to build. Gaelic lore sprung up from the Stonehenge area, Greek mythology around the Colossus of Rhodes and the Parthenon, Egyptian history among the pyramids, Mayans having pyramids and so forth. Pyramids are also an often repeated structure, appearing not only in Egypt but also throughout the Americas, Europe, and in China.

All of this adds up to a general conclusion that there was someone else here with us before - someone who may have helped us to evolve to where we are (were) when they left, someone who may have watched over us or even populated this planet like a zoo. And, whoever they were, they left and took most of the evidence of their existance with them, presumably to leave us to find our own way to further evolution.

Whether these beings were angels, aliens, more advanced humans, us from the future returned to guide ourselves (in an unending cycle), or multi-dimensional travelers, they were here. They left us with a lot to think about, and a lot of mystery. They also said that they would return... though when that time will be is a mystery unto itself.

In conclusion of this three day - three part series on recorded history, I want to emphasize that whether these beings intended to be viewed as gods, to begin all the world's religions, or to mystify early man with their technology, they were most likely just advanced beings and not gods as we define the term. That is not to say that there is not a supreme being out there - I have posted my thoughts on that subject previously.

It seems that until they return - if they do return - we will have unanswered questions. Questions that only they can answer, as our own records are neither complete nor reliable. We can continue to research and dig and find what we can, but it seems that until the return of whatever beings had been here, we will effectively be in the dark.

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