Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beginning Again

As this is the time of year that begs reflection and rethinking of life, I feel it is a good time for me to reflect on where I am and where I came from.

Two years ago I was a very different person from who I am today. In such a relatively short span of time I have rewritten everything about myself. I have explored new territory and begun to rediscover who I really am and what I really want from life.

Who I was two years ago is a woman who was on a path that was laid out for her by society, her upbringing, and her own expectations of life. I was married, thinking about having a child, working a steady office job and looking to move up the ladder in that career, owning a home, fixing it up, having stuff, buying a new car. I was regularly buying new clothes, shoes & jewelry (mostly on credit) and going about my life in what I would consider a pretty normal fashion.

I was unhappy. Deeply so. I had goals and dreams which were virtually impossible to achieve while living the life I was living, short of winning the lottery (and I won't because I refuse to play it). At first I hadn't made a conscious decision to change my life, but I did want change. When the changes that had started on their own became aparent to me, I took the reigns and did everything I could to begin my life anew. I set aside what I thought I was supposed to do in life based on society's rules and began reaching for what my heart desires. I began re-writing who I am by stripping away the things that were never really me, I just wore them because everyone else does too.

I'm at a place where I have a tangible grasp on how to achieve my goals, and I have a workable timeline to do so. I know that if I meet my minor goals along the way, in about 13 years I can be on the verge of cracking the whole thing open and living my life 100% on my terms and no one elses.

About a year ago I said "I want to be a nomad when I grow up" in jest, but there was a truth behind that and admiting that to myself has made that truth grow until it became a part of my reality, a part that will grow and grow until what I really want is what I have.

I realize I've just rambled on about myself for miles, but there is a point in all this that I wanted to make to everyone who reads this - you never know what tomorrow will bring, but every day you work towards achieving your dreams you increase the chance that tomorrow they will come true.

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