Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heaven, Hell and Time

Science has recently proven that an observer at sea level will view an event happening higher in the atmosphere as moving faster, and an event below sea level as moving slower. In other words, people who live in the mountains age faster than those who live lower on the surface.

Throughout history, man has developed the idea that heaven is above us - imagined as being in the clouds or even in space. At the same time hell has been pictured as being below us. We knew that below us was a fiery pit (the core of the earth) before we could actually see it.

The idea is that in the fiery pit below us we would suffer eternally with events seeming to repeat themselves and agonizing with a single thought "forever". Above us, in heaven, time is imagined to move so swiftly that in heaven (or for God) everything happens in an instant or simultaneously. These ideas are consistent with this recent scientific discovery.

Just as we knew the double helix-spiral was an incredibly important image and only later discovered it to be the structure of DNA, we know that above us time appears to move faster and below us it appears to move slower...

What other pieces of legend, lore and mythology will we ultimately come to know as fact... just in different context?

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