Friday, April 30, 2010

Question Everything

Who? What? Where? Why? When? How?

If you see one of these words at the beginning of a sentence, it triggers you to expect that sentence to be a question rather than a statement.

We take so much for granted. The earth is round. The sky is blue. God is in Heaven, the Devil is in Hell, and how much you pray each night determines who you'll be hanging out with after you die.


People go to church, they go to school, they go to work, they read the papers, they watch the news and are constantly fed bits of information that are assumed to be facts. Normally, when we are faced with a figure of authority such as a teacher, pastor, boss or parent, we assume that what this person tells us is fact. They wouldn't lead us astray, they know what they are talking about or else they wouldn't be in that position.

Would they?

Faith is incredibly important. Faith in God. Faith in Truth. Faith in Karma. However, most people misplace their faith by putting it in other people rather than absolutes. Humans are variables, falliable and we are all driven by the same desires. You cannot assume that just because someone is leading a congregation in prayer that they are trustworthy. I am not saying that these people are dishonest, I'm saying they are human. (and yes, some are outright dishonest)

Did you know that if you tell yourself a lie enough times, eventually you will believe that it is true? I have been witnessed to, by Christians, and told some rather unbelievable stories. I have also been told some equally unbelievable stories by friends about all the amazing things they had done in their lives. I hold both of these types of people as one and the same.

The fact is, people can and do lie to each other every single day. We tell our friends their dresses are cute even if they are hideous. Why? Because we've weighed the pros and cons of being honest and determined that, for whatever reason, it's best to say it's a cute dress and move on. We tell our boyfriends that they didn't hurt our feelings badly, because we don't want to hurt theirs. We tell our dentists we brushed 3 times a day, every single day. We exaggerate, we emeblish, we say a friend of our cousin's friend saw the biggest donkey ever, it was as tall as a house. Oh, and no he wasn't able to grab the $20 off the dashboard in that really hot Nova.

Right. Don't even get me started on myths like Lemmings that we were taught in school... and are not true.

I'm not saying you should stop doing whatever it is you're doing, stop seeing your friends, stop going to church or anything like that. Just question things and don't blindly believe everything you are told.

Remember what blind faith has driven in our past- Nazi's, the Crusades, the Salem witch trials, terrorist attacks, the list goes on...

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