Friday, February 5, 2010

The Sacredness of the Spin

Spin, cycle, circle, turn, twirl, spiral, twist...

The universe itself slowly turns on a singular immovable immeasurable point, a singularity, an axis. As it quietly spins in space, that spin trickles down and influences the movement of everything within the universe. As the universe spins, so too do the galaxies (albiet in an opposing direction), as the galaxies spin so too do their solar systems, as the solar systems spin so too do the planets within. Spinning planets are made up of matter whose molecules spin, molecules are made up of atoms whose electrons/protons/neutrons spin, and so forth right down the the most basic building block of matter: energy.

Does the spin begin with that building block, or with the universe itself? When and where did the spin begin? When and how will the spin stop, or are we gradually slowing down over eons?

Tie a pendulum to a string, and spin it over your head. So long as you keep the pendulum spinning, it remains suspended. As that spin slows, the pendulum dips lower and lower until finally going haywire and crashing into your arm. We know that the universe has been expanding, and may now be in the process of slowly collapsing upon itself. Is it possible that it's spin has slowed, and that slowing is what is allowing the collapse? If the universe were to continue spinning at the same rate, eternally, would it remain at some expanded point?

Somewhere in infinity, God caused the universe to exist. He knit together the fabric of space-time, and brought about this finite, physical universe. As he wove everything together, he spun. The universe came into existance, spinning. Possibly bursting forth from the very singularity which is now its center. Bursting out rapidly, and settling into a slow, deliberate turn and expansion. And eventually, that turn which fueled all of the fires in the universe begins to slow.

In time, the universe will slow so far that the galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc will simply fall back in on themselves. At this time, the motion of the universe allows its components to overcome the gravity of the singularity at its center. When the universe slows enough, that gravity will snatch back its power over all the matter in existance, and draw it all back in like the cracking of a whip. It is that collapse which fuels the subsequent bang, springing all of existance back into existance again.

This eternal cycle, gigantic and infinite from our perspective is like watching the breathing of a child. If you are beyond it, it appears so simple, so natural, even unremarkable. Within those lungs however, the source of the wind which eternally changes directions would seem unimaginable, infinite, immeasurable.

Everything is cyclic because our universe is cyclic. The universe is cyclic because everything within is cyclic. It is the constant polarity, the opposing spin that keeps everything spinning. Yes, I'm saying that everything spins because everything spins. It sounds ridiculous, and yet it is true. I can envision things like this in my minds eye and it makes perfect sense to me, but sometimes I am not sure how to phrase it to help others to understand what I see. In the future this blog will begin to feature images as well as writing, in hopes that I can more clearly express what it is that I see. (Hopefully in the near future.)

Known spirals/spin/cyclic examples:

Earth & solar system
Waves (sound/light)
Gravity (caused by a combination of mass and rotation)
Food Chain
Animal Migration
Magnetic polarity
Even our own circulatory system is endless and cyclic.

The symbology of the Yin Yang is ideal for this concept, as they eternally spiral around each other, never resting, one always driven by the other as it drives the other and is in turn driven by it.

How do we generate electricity? Spinning. Toilets flush by water spiraling out of the bowl, thanks to gravity. The action of all motors and engines is cyclic, wheels turn, fans move air with great force by spinning. Electrical circuits and the action of batteries is cyclic. In fact, use of electricity in general requires the ability for the power to flow both in and out of whatever it is powering.

Life and existance is all about cycles and spirals, the more you are aware of it the more of them you'll notice in time. This sacred motion is the heart and the whole of all of existance, and perhaps some point in the future we may even be able to harness that spin towards the creation of clean power.

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