Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Miniature Revolution

Thousands... possibly Millions of people in the USA and throughout the world are dissatisfied with modern society and the economy as it is, but how to change it?

It had been said that only by increasing the stresses of society and the monetary system can it be changed, can people be driven to enact and strive for that change. Clearly pressures have been rising for some time, the dissatisfaction grows, and yet we continue running the rat race... decades after the term was coined.

Today we live in a society in which we are caught in a vicious cycle: We must work more in order to consume more, and the more we work the more we consume because of standards, stress, and appearances.

How do we stop the cycle for ourselves and others? How do we get off of that one-way bus? It's really quite simple, an answer of few syllables, but something which requires restraint and the ability to brush off the shame that society will inevitably try to throw at you for it:

Consume less, and it will snowball.

It's so simple... if you buy less, you spend less money. That's more money to pay off any debt you have. That's more money to save and build a cushion for yourself. Then, that's less money you have to earn and less time you need to spend working. In time, it becomes the simple equation that purchasing less items & less expensive items = less work and less stress.

We've been conned into thinking that the more money we have and the more things we own, the happier we will be... the opposite is true, if you allow yourself to let go of the puppet strings of society. Let go of the idea that your appearance is equal to your worth, that you have to wear a certain brand to be respected, that what you wear or own says more about you than the words that come out of your mouth. Let go of your "need" to have the best and greatest, and more of it. Know that you can afford better quality items if you buy fewer items and make them last as long as possible. If you use something and can continue using it, don't throw it away because there is a newer model or a new style. Keep on using it until it is no longer usable. Don't keep things you don't actively use today - in the long run it is cheaper to have far fewer things (and a smaller home) and occasionally have to re-buy something you've discarded.

How is that a revolution?

The less we consume, the less they sell. The less they sell, the less they will produce. The less they produce, the less raw materials are consumed. The less that is purchased and produced, the less is imported into this country. Eventually, it flips and becomes more cost effective to produce something in country for a non-bargain price than it is to produce something in another country in massive quantities and import it. That creates more and better quality jobs, jobs which are in production which is more satisfying than logistical or office jobs. Take it further, and it will become more cost effective to have those items made by crafters and artisans than machines (because machines need maintenance and expensive parts!) and as people reduce and recycle, pulling the amounts of consumption further and further down, it will reverse what has been happening for years.

Ignore the advertisements, don't have cable, don't have magazine subscriptions. Don't allow them to convince you to consume just because they want your money.

Millions of people are being driven to purchase because advertisers claim that if YOU are the one person who doesn't, everyone will look down on you. What you don't realize is they are telling everyone this... and no one wants to be the moron who didn't get a great new broom and is cleaning their floors the old fashioned way.

Newsflash... the newest gadget or jeans doesn't make anyone smarter, prettier, or more fun to be around. It just makes them a part of the consuming herd... mindless sheep.

Don't like being called a sheep? Then don't act like one. Think for yourself, and spread the word. The only way to change things is for us to do it ourselves instead of sitting on our butts complaining that everything is decided for us...

I can assure you that when you go out and buy that cool new cell phone or any other new item, it is you who has the control. It's up to you whether you choose to take it or not.

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