Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good vs. Evil

Outside of this realm, there is no good or evil, there is only the single emanating force upon which existance hangs.

The concept of evil is purely human, and is used liberally to describe things we fear or are painful. The fact is, events have been set in place and will progress as was written in the stars. The concept of evil is unrealistic, because the "bad" that happens in our lives is just as important and necessary as the "good". And isn't being necessary a characteristic of something that is... good?

The only cosmic bad is holding oneself back from ascension, and that does not really even class as "bad" its just a lack of progress. The main problem with holding oneself back is that it holds us all back, as we all must advance together. Fear is irrelevant, becasue what will happen will happen, and fearing it only holds you back from accepting and preparing for it.

An analogy will better describe what I am trying to explain. Let us say that you are a car. And, if you move forward it is "good" and if you move backward it is "evil" but in reality, evil (backward) does not actually exist. So that means what you perceive to be backward movement is really only slower forward movement. Sure, when you're in third gear it may seem all is good and light because you're moving forward at a good pace, but then you drop down to second and then first gear, and even though you are still moving forward and still in the light, you feel less forward progress and it feels "bad". No one likes to feel like all the other cars are passing them, but there are times in life when you have to slow down and take care of other things before you can get back up to speed.

This analogy fits quite well with the descriptions of yin and yang, as Yin (dark, feminine) is considered passive energy and deep darkness, while Yang (light, masculine) is considered active energy and vibrant bright light. Neither is GOOD or BAD they just ARE. And one without the other could not exist.

Our destiny was written by us, so the choices are still ours. The difference is we have already made the choice and now we are walking through the path we chose.

The univers is like a great spinning clock. Time waits for no one, in fact, it does not exist. Everything is happening now, it is only the mind (the collective unconcious) that puts it in an order we can understand.

Life is an instantaneous series of actions and reactions. We are standing at the pond planning it and simultaneously we are in the pool living it.

Separation is an illusion. There is no separation, no time, no good, no evil. There is just one, one power, one energy, one life.

So you see, the concept of evil was set forth to give man an explanation for the pain of life and the dark side of the wheel of karma (or yin). It is merely action and reaction, there is only light or absense of light. Darkness is an illusion caused by blindness to light.

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